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Grand River Environmental Action Team

Timeline of GREAT’s History

August 2, 1990                        1st meeting to discuss beginning of GREAT at Parkside School after Expedition                                                 1990 and concern about proposed Ayers Rd. Extension to JCC

January 1, 1991                      First Membership, founders Marge and Dave Hanselman

June 1, 1991                            First Annual Clean-up, 22 volunteers removed 1 ton of trash

June 6, 1992                            1st Public Paddle Loomis Rd to Glenshire

March 1992                             1st Annual Meeting

March 1993                             Marge Hanselman Cit Pat Citizen of the Year finalist (Brooklyn Exponent      Citizen of Year in 1991)

May 22, 1994                          completes canoe dock construction on Grand River from $2,000 Finlandia (ACA) grant. Washed away next year!

June 17, 1994                          GREAT files with State of Michigan to Incorporate

December 12, 1994                 GREAT celebrates JCC’s withdrawal of Ayers Rd Extension proposal

August 22, 1995                      Resolution for removal for downtown river cap presented to Jackson City                                                   Council. Cap removed by 2001.

July 4, 1996                             Walk the Cap event to highlight need for its removal.

November 11, 1996                Receives land on Grand River Blackman Twp and on Mill Race in Summit Twp       from the Grand River Discovery Project who took temporary possession from           donor Joanne Fox until GREAT became a 501 c 3 Non-profit.

December 1996                       Receives Jackson County Soil & Water Conservationist of the Year Award.                                                 DNR also honors GREAT for river clean-up and interpretive canoe trips.

July 6, 1999                             IRS approval as a 501 c 3 Non-profit to clean-up the Grand River and protect its                                                 environment in Jackson County, and have public canoe trips

February 2000                        GREAT becomes the newest local non-profit to have a web site.

April, 2000                              GREAT purchases new canoe trailer.

June 6, 2000                            35 tons of trash removed from Grand River in first ten years of annual clean-  ups.

July 17, 2000                           Requests $40,000 from Wolverine to repair damaged plants of GREAT’s land      as result of pipeline gasoline spill. Also a request for a water line for paddlers to     drink from! GREAT receives $2,000.

September 9, 2000                  GREAT requests Jackson County Road Commission to place watershed signs

March 18, 2003                       4 kayaks donated to GREAT by Quiet World Sports

March 2006                             Receives UGRIP (Upper Grand River Implementation Project) grant as     partner with Jackson County Conversation District to improve local watershed.

February 2007                        Help form JAOC (Jackson Area Outdoor Coalition). Annual Earth Day event                                                 begins.

September 12, 2009                Annual Clean-up with 114 participants

November 1, 2009                  membership reaches 144

July 11, 2010                           100th GREAT public paddle (Lions Park to Maple Grove) with celebration cake

December 12, 2010                 GREAT receives Friend of Conservation Award by the Michigan Associations          of Conservation Districts.

November 1, 2011                  GREAT membership peaks at 165

March 19, 2013                       GREAT, land trade with State of Michigan is complete after 14 years of work.

September 14, 2013                Annual Clean-up has 137 volunteers, including 62 Jr. ROTC Cadets.

September 23, 2015                GREAT receives Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Jackson.

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